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(1) Roman numerals (VII) after some 'Swinton' surnames refers to the identification given to individuals in Swintons of that Ilk and their Cadets. Numbers such as [23]31 refers to the identification numbering used by Brian Copley in his research.

(2) Any names appearing in columns E, G or H are registered in their own right in column A.

(3) For convenience and easy identification the early 'Swinton' ancestors have been given the arbitary surname of 'EADULFING'.

(4) A, B, C, - L refers to the columns across the page.

(5) '?' indicates information exista but presently is unknown.

(6) '-' indicates that there is no known information.

(7) Details in brackets indicates guesstimated, or time-frame information; i.e (b: c1960), (l: early 1700's) or (Cupar ?) Fifeshire.


A - NAME: Family, or surname followed by Christian names. Married females have a reference in column 'A' to their husband where their marriage and family details (children) are to be found. If the surname in not known then the person is listed in the first section of the Inventory as '…?…, Sarah'. '…?… is also used where the Christian name is unknown.

B - TREE: The 'Code' in this colume indicates the tree or chart on which the person listed in column 'A' is to be found. The following is a list of the codes: AT - Andrew Laird Swinton; BT - Bath; BDT - Blair/Durham; BMT - Barbara Mordy (Swinton); Cal - Callander; CET - Cazeleat/Ebsworth; CT - Colley/Copley (Swinton); CGT - Colley/Gordon; Cot - Cockburn; CST - Cheshire Swinton's; CTS - Coutts/Swinton Family of Falkirk; DT - Dunbar; EL - East Lothian Working Chart; Fif - Fifeshire Working Chart; GAT - Greer Ancestral Chart; GST - A.J. Swinton; GT - Gordon; HAT - Hawley; HM - Home Family; HOT - Hogg; HST - Henry Swynton; HT - Hoffstetter (Warrnambool Swinton); IT - Inverkeithing Swinton's; JBT - Jones/Bowles; JSV - John D. Swinton (Canada); JT - Eric Jarman; KT - Kimmerghame Swinton; LAN - Ayr, Lanark & Stirling Working Chart; LT -Leslie; MAK - MacKenzie (New England, Australia); MCT - McLean (Warrnambool Reeves); Mdl - Midlothian Working Chart; MST - Melbourne Swinton's; MT - Mainline Swinton Tree; Nott - Nottingham; Nth - Angus, Kincardine, Aberdeen, Moray & Orkney Working Chart; PSR - Peebles, Selkirk, Roxburghshire Working Chart; PT - Page Family Working Chart; RPT - Richard Price; RT - Reeves (New Zealand); RUT - Rutherford; SBT - Scott/Blair/Tait; SCT - South Carolina (USA); SDT - Swinton/Duncan (Melbourne); SJK - Susan Joan (Wright) Kiley Family; SKT - Skene; SMC - Swinton Miscellaneous Charts; SR1 - Stulpnagel/Rebsch; ST - Warrnambool Swinton Family; TT - Tasmanian Swinton Family; T32 - Chart 32 (etc); WLR - West Lothian, Renfrewshire Working Chart; WRI - Wright Family (New England, Australia); WRT - Reeves (Warrnambool); WST - Sir Walter Scott Family; WT - Ward; ZST - New Zealand Sinton's.

C- 'I' = unconnected individual or 'F' small family group: An 'Individual' is one where details of no other family is known. A 'Family Group' consists of a married couple or 2-3 generations.

D - LOCALITY: This is a general global location for the individual.

E - PARENTAGE: G/f - grandfather; G/m - grandmother; F - father; M - mother; U - uncle; A - aunt; Bro - brother; Sis - sister; G/s - grandson; G/d - grand-daughter; G/gs - great grandson; C'n - cousin.

F - VITAL DATES & PLACES: b- born; c - christened or baptised; m - married; m/p - marriage proclaimed; div - divorced; ∫ or N/m - not married, living together; l - living; d - died; bur - buried; w - where; < - before; > - after. When no date is known I have put an estinated 'loose date', i.e (l: early 1900's) indicating that I estimate they were living between 1900 and 1950.

G - SPOUSE: Husband, wife, defacto or partner of person in column 'A'.

H - CHILDREN: Off-spring of person in column 'A'. No issue states that it is known that the couple did not have any children. Had issue indicates that you should look to the husbands entry for the names of the children.

I - LOCATION: These locations are for property owned, addresses, or significant places.

J - BIOGRAPHY: Any known details of the individuals history, education, occupation, achievements, awards, memberships of clubs or societies, religion, interests or hobbies, is listed.

K - RECORDED WHERE: Cross-reference to the chart on which the individual is located, i.e Swint: Ch.6, Sh.3 (Swinton, Chart 6, Sheet 3), or to the micsellaneous files, i.e. Misc.

L - SOURCE: The original source of the material or details, i.e Book (Author/Title), Journal, Certificate, Family Bible, Personal information, Correspondence, Newspaper, Photograph, etc.


HEICS - Honourable East India Company Service; IA - Indian Army - ICS - Indian Civil Service; MM - Military Medal; AIF - Australian Infantry Forces; RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force; (pow) - Prisoner of War; OPR - Old Parochial Registers; BDM - Births, Deaths & Marriages; --} or --> - refer to next column.

Sc. or Scot. - Scotland; Eng. - England; UK - United Kingdom; N. Ire - Northern Ireland; Midl. - Midlothian; PNG - Papua New Guinea; Sth Am - South America; Aust. - Australia; Fr - France - SC - South Carolina.